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Dynamics Checkweighers

Control dinamico de peso
Dynamic checkweigher + Metal detector
Dynamic checkweigher +<br> Metak detactor + Labeller
Dynamic checkweigher + Metal detector

Dynamic Checkweigher

Dynamic Checkweigher EXAKTApack

Dynamic Checkweigher + Metal Detector

Dynamic Checkweigher + Metal Detector + Labeller

On a solid stainless steel structure, completely washable, the conveyor belt and the scale are installed, this set forms a dynamic checkweigher to continuously weigh all types of products.

Other possible configurations:
Dynamic checkweigher + Metal detector (Monoblock)
Dynamic checkweigher + Metal detector + Labeller (Triblock).

  • Compact design
  • INOX Structure IP65 for cold room, water pressure resistant.
  • Independent weigh belt for higher accuracy.
  • Ejection by pneumatic cylinder, by air jet or flap.
  • HBM load cells from 0,1g up to 1g accuracy.
  • Product detection photocell.
  • Weighing plate in white plastic approved for food.
  • THS21 metal detector.
  • Eject of metal contaminated products.
  • Collection box with lock for products contaminated with metal.
  • Label Applicator Printer.
  • Acceleration / Separation conveyor belt
  • Roller section in case of product accumulation
  • RS232 output for connection to computers
  • Production statistics file
  • Second label printer to double production

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