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X-Ray Scanners Systems

X-Ray Detection and Inpection Systems

  • Ideal solution for industries looking to implement automatic inspection technology using X-rays.
  • Our technology is unmatched in the industry for its speed, sensitivity and sophistication of detection.
  • The advanced linear sensor technology allows superior performance in the identification of contaminants, such as metal, stone, glass, bone and some plastics, guaranteeing product quality and integrity.

X-Ray Scanners - G10 series

X-Ray Detection And Inspection Systems
G10 series, are the most compact conveyor inspection system in the series.
This system includes checkweigher and detection of contaminants, they are ideal for packaged products such as pastries, frozen, bakery and prepared food

X-Ray Scanners - G20 series

G20 Series, combine advanced linear sensor technology with proven inspection algorithms for the most difficult inspections. They stand out in the identification of contaminants such as metal, stone, glass, bone and some plastics, also in the exploration of the weight of missing or broken products
X-Ray Detection And Inspection Systems

X-Ray Scanners - G30 series

X-Ray Detection And Inspection Systems
G30 series, have been designed for the inspection of rigid containers such as glass jars or cans.
The double detector ensures that even very thin materials are detected in the densest products

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