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Vertical Packaging Machines

VFFS Vertical Packaging Machine
A vertical bagger, also known as a Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machine, is equipment used in the packaging industry to continuously form, fill and seal bags.
Vertical Packaging Machines from EXAKTApack are suitable for packaging all sort of products into pillow bag , gusset bag, stabilopack, block bottom and brickpack.
Most frequent products are chips, rice, dried fruits, frozen foods, oranges, cheese, granules, plastic and metal parts and many others.
Their efficiency, speed, and ability to handle different types of materials and bag sizes make them popular in large-scale production environments.
VFFS Vertical Packaging MachineVertical Packaging Machine
EXAvert 300
Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) technology is a packaging process used in industry to package products in sealed bags. This method is especially efficient and is commonly used in large-scale production of products such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more.

Below is a more detailed description of a vertical bagger and its operation:

1- Film Unwinder: It begins the process by feeding a continuous roll of packaging material, which is generally a polyethylene or polypropylene film..

2- Bag Former (Vertical Forming): The film is guided vertically through rollers and sealed longitudinally, creating a continuous tube. This process forms the bag.

3- Dosing Station: The product to be packaged is dosed into the bag at this stage. It can be an automatic weighing system or volumetric dosing

4- Transverse Sealing: After being filled, the bag moves vertically towards the cross sealing station. Here, the sealing is carried out perpendicular to the direction of travel, creating individual compartments..

5- Bag cut: The bag is cut and separated from the main tube.

6- Control system: The bagger is equipped with a control system that monitors and regulates the dosing, sealing and cutting functions. This ensures the precision and consistency of the packaging process.
VFFS Vertical Packaging MachineVertical Packaging Machine
EXAvert 620
  • Bag length setting by program.
  • Prepared for any heat sealable material, complex OPP and optional PE.
  • Film advance by two servo driven side belts.
  • Speed: 50–130 bags minute (Depending on film and product).
  • Indipendent motor for heavy reels.
  • Motor adjustment for film centering.
  • Motor to correct the positioning of the spots reader (photocell).
  • Horizontal and vertical sealing by pneumatic action(optional servomotor).
  • 3 temperature controllers for each jaw, with electronic control with precision of +/- 0.2 °C.
  • Pneumatic printing group, heat transfer, for 3 lines of 10 alphanumeric characters.
  • Spot detecting photocell.
  • Maximal Bag width 200 - 300 - 390 - 500 mm depending from model.
Envasadora verticalScheme formed of bag
  • Complete kit for polyethylene.
  • Nitrogen injection kit.
  • Vacuum kit.
  • Set for side folding and flat bottom.
  • Inkjet marker.
  • Brick-pack complete rotating machine.
Vertical Packaging MachinePillow Type Package
Vertical Packaging MachineGusset bag
Block bottom and Stabilo bag
Vertical Packaging MachineSquare package,
stable bottom

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