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EXAKTApack Group
EXAKTApack, We are a group of 3 companies manufacturing machines and complete lines for weighing and packaging all types of products since 1970. With offices throughout Europe - Algeria and Morocco
Grupo ExaktapackExaktapack Spain, Factory, Sales and Service
Factory Production
Sales & Service
Grupo ExaktapackExaktapack Germany, Factory, Sales and Service
Grupo ExaktapackExaktapack Italy, Factory, Sales and Service
Research and Development
Our R&D department designs and develops the electronic boards and control software for EXAKTApack machines.
We pay special attention to the latest CONNECTIVITY 4.0 technologies for online assistance.

Every customer has his needs and specific requirements, that is why in EXAKTApack we personalize the software and the control electronics for these requirements and, as independent from external developers, we can have in a few hours new boards as well as ready software to be installed in the machines. In this way we can fulfill all the customer production needs in a short period of time.
Machines and Spare Parts
We have a large permanent stock of machines and spare parts, to provide our customers with the necessary parts in the event of a breakdown or preventive maintenance of any of our Weighers and Packers. .

Exaktapack España

Exaktapack  Port Ginesta Local 222 08860
      Castelldefels, Barcelona - España
Exaktapack  +34 93 636 0673

Exaktapack Italia

Exaktapack  Viale dell'Artigianato, 1, 35036
      Montegrotto Terme PD, Italia
Exaktapack  +39 049 912 5934

Exaktapack Deutschland

Exaktapack  Altenburger Str. 15, D-04275
      Leipzig - Deutschland
Exaktapack  +49 341 3500 2640

Exaktapack France

Exaktapack  117 rue des Pyrénées
      75020 Paris, France
Exaktapack  +33 6 49 63 92 17
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