Complete packaging lines

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Complete Packaging Lines

Complete Packaging Line - Horizontal Configuration

packaging line, horizontal configuration
It is called a packaging line, horizontal configuration, due to its reduced height, since all the machines that make it up are on the same ground level, it is used in places with low ceiling height.
This solution is ideal for maintenance, control and washing of the line.
    It's formed by:
  • Vibrating hoppers feeders for dosing of product on belt elevator.
  • Z type belt elevator to supply product to multihead weigher.
  • Multihead Weigher.
  • Z type belt elevator step to step.
  • Vertical Packaging Machine (VFFs)
  • Conveyor belt elevator.
  • Turntable for bags accumulation.

Complete Packaging Line - Vertical Configuration

The most common way to install a packaging line is by placing a multihead weigher on a platform and underneath a vertical packing machine, so that the dosed product, weight or units, by the multihead weigher will fall down by gravity directly into the bag previously formed by the vertical packing machine.
We call this installation, packaging line, vertical configuration

    It's formed by:
  • Z type belt elevator to supply product to multihead weigher.
  • Multihead weigher
  • Platform for elevate the Multihead weigher
  • Vertical bagger machine.
  • Conveyor belt elevator.
  • Turntable for bags accumulation.
packaging line, vertical configuration

Complete Packaging Line - Doypack Packaging Machine

Lines for the packaging of products in preformed bags doypack. These bags are the ideal replacement for packing in boxes, since when they are empty they are flat and do not take up physical space, but when they are flattened with the product, their bottom in the form of bellows, makes it possible to resist being exposed in supermarket shelves.

Option with Multihead Weigher.
The multihead weigher combines the partial product weight of several of its hoppers to get the exact total weight to be packaged and unloads it on the doypack packing machine
This packaging line is ideal for small products that must be packaged by units or by weight and bulk products

Option with Powder Dosing System.
The Powder Dosing has a funnel-shaped hopper where the product is stored, pulverized or granulated. In the lower part of the hopper there is an auger screw rotating under a servomotor controlled by digital driver to dose exact quantity of the product in the doypack packaging machine
packaging line, vertical configuration
Multihead weigher + Doypack
packaging line, vertical configuration
Powder dosing system + Doypack

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