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Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors with Conveyors Belt

  • Metal detectors with conveyor belt, for continuous control of products.
  • There are specially designed for meat, fish and ready meals.
  • Maximum sensibility to detection with minimum range of rejection.
  • Technology THS/21E standard, THS/213F multifrequency and THS/MS21 scanner.
  • Machines designed to facilitate washing avoiding the contamination of equipment.
  • Custom solutions conform IFS, BRC.
Metal detectors Exaktapack

Metal Detectors For Special Applications

  • Metal Detecting for unstable vertical containers
Metal detectors

Metal Detectors for Liquids and Viscous Products

  • Metal detectors for the extrusion of fine pastas and other products.
  • Protection IP69K
  • Systems technologies MS21 y 21E
  • diameters available 2” 2 ½” 3” et 4”
  • Rejection systems with pneumatic piston or three-way valve for food use
Metal detectors Exaktapack Exaktapack

Metal Detectors to Freefall Products

  • Metal detectors to free fall with diameters from 50 mm to 250 mm.
  • Integrated automatic expulsion for granular and powdery products.
  • THG/ FFV (free falling valve)
Metal detectors

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